Traditional Surrogacy

Attorney Hete is NOT currently handling traditional surrogacy matters.

In a traditional surrogacy, the surrogate provides the egg.  Therefore, she is biologically linked to the child.  Even though the parties should have a contract in place that states that the Intended Parents are to raise the child as their own, Ohio has traditionally decided that the biological link of a mother to a child is very strong and not to be discounted in the event of a dispute.

Traditional surrogacy may be more cost effective than gestational surrogacy, however, since a gestational surrogate has no legal claim to the child she bears, the assurance that the surrogate cannot change her mind is something to consider when evaluating the cost of a gestational surrogacy.

Ohio law requires that a non-spousal artificial insemination be performed by a physician or a person who is under the supervision and control of a physician.  There are specific rules regarding this issue and you should obtain both medical and legal counsel before proceeding with an at-home insemination.

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