Birth Order

I am happy to hear when a surrogate pregnancy has occurred. It means the intended parents are one step closer to realizing their dream of becoming or adding to a family.  This is not the time for complications.  The birth order process in Ohio is not necessarily governed by State Law, but has been interpreted through different cases that have been brought before the courts.

Having a knowledgeable and experienced attorney to prepare the legal documents in order to have the intended parents’ names on the birth certificate is the final piece to a successful surrogacy journey.

Each county in Ohio handles surrogacy matters differently. Most counties have established a “walk through” process, whereby legal documents that are prepared during the second trimester are filed with the court as soon as the court allows, and an order is issued on the day of the birth of the child, or within 10 days. *

*The records clerk of most hospitals will hold the birth certificate documentation for up to 10 days until they receive an order from the court determining the parents of the child.  However, an immediate order is preferred so that the intended parents can leave the hospital with the child.

Some counties require DNA testing to establish the genetic parents of the child.  I will assist in contacting and scheduling a court approved DNA lab to test and prepare results of genetic testing within 48 hours of the birth of a surrogate baby.

Regardless of the location of your surrogate birth, I will assist you with ensuring that your child’s parentage is properly established in the most expeditious manner.

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