The contract between the surrogate and intended parents is the most important piece to the legal puzzle of your surrogacy journey.  It is the legal document that will allow the courts to make a proper determination as to the parents of a child born through surrogacy.  It is also the way in which each party guarantees themselves their rights throughout the process.  Do not enter into a surrogacy agreement without a written contract outlining your legal rights and intentions.

For some things to consider when entering into a Surrogacy Contract: Contract Check List.

Forms that may be available on line may not have been drafted by an attorney, and may not provide the protections you need when asking a court to determine your legal rights.

I can provide the services of drafting and negotiating a contract (egg donor, embryo donor, surrogacy), or reviewing a contract for either party.  I am also happy to review contract between parties and matching agencies, and to review health insurance policies to verify the extent of coverage.