Intended Parents

Many things may have led you to seek information about surrogacy.  Whether you have experienced unexplained infertility, infertility due to age, relationship, or health issues, have been advised by a physician that a pregnancy would be dangerous to yourself or any child you conceive, or whether you have experienced the heartbreak of miscarriage after miscarriage, you are on the road to a medically and technologically advanced process to creating your family.  I am happy to provide you the information you need to make your decision about the choice of surrogacy.

The intended parents to surrogacy are very diverse.  I have represented single women, single men, married couples, unmarried/committed couples, and same-sex couples.  Each has a reason to use assisted reproduction to become a parent.  But the decision to choose surrogacy, while exciting, may seem frightening.  There is a great deal of trust that needs to be found between intended parents and a surrogate, and there is a great deal unknown about the journey.

At the time the decision is made to proceed on this journey, my goal is to be sure you have received all the necessary information to be sure of your decision, and to make your journey easy, enjoyable, and exciting, while securing the surrogacy rights of the parties at the conclusion.

I do not recommend using documents found “on-line” when dealing with surrogacy contracts.  As one of — if not the most important decision of your life, you want to be certain that your legal rights are protected and the surrogacy process goes forward as expected.  Having drafted surrogacy agreements for over 20 years and having extensively surrogacy litigation and related issues, I am confident that I can assist you by drafting a contract that fully protects you.

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